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Our Mission.

So, what is Scale Workspace?  Scale is a company that provides shared workspaces, as well as technology and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses, and large enterprises.  While most coworking spaces offer amenities like coffee bars and luxury decor, Scale prides itself on the community and resources such as 3D printing and fabrication resources.  Scale members are a part of a networking ecosystem that fosters creativity and success.

Why does Scale exist? The Mission of Scale Workspace is to support and encourage the physical production of innovative products, devices, designs, and art here in New Orleans. The space aims to create a clear rallying point and serve as a hub for businesses and individuals interested in these pursuits. From college students to established product developers or engineers, Scale will shine a light on the work they do and push them to take their ideas beyond just concepts and bring them into production right here in New Orleans.


A space where you make what’s to come.

Floor One 1. Main Entrance / Reception 2. Classroom 3. Assembly & Storage 4. Shop Office 5. General Shop 6. CNC Router & Mill 7. Laser Cutters 8. Paint / Craft Room 9. Multijet Printer 10. Colorjet Printer 11. Additive Lab 12. CFF Printers 13. FDM Printers 14. SLA Printers 15. Metal 3D Printer . 16. Loading Dock

Floor Two 1. Phone Booths 2. Lounge 3. Co-working Area 4. Lounge 5. Conference Room Z 6. Conference Room X 7. Conference Room Y 8. Terrace 9. Kitchen 10. Reserved Desks

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Office Amenities:

Three reservable conference rooms for presentations, private meetings, or team break-outs.

Private phone booths for conference calls.

Comfortable lounges for quick round-ups.

Patio & garden space to grab some fresh air.

A kitchen with plenty of coffee and appliances to keep things cool and heat them up.

Industrial Amenities:

Additive Lab: a state of the art lab with six different printing technologies that let you print parts in a wide range of materials from basic plastics to composites and stainless steel (ADAM, CFF, FFF, MJP, SLA, SLS).

Subtractive Lab: a full wood-shop that offers a 4’x8’ CNC router, CNC Mill, Laser cutters, belt sanders, jigsaw, table saw, and handheld powers tools that you can rent.

Craft room: a well ventilated space for light painting and gluing.

Textile Station: that includes an industrial sewing machine and pattern table.

Electronics Bench: a workbench with solder rework station, variable power supply, and oscilloscope.

Explore Scale Workspace

Shared tables and lounge space made for members who like to come and go or just don’t like being tied to a desk.

Dedicated desks for the small but mighty. A spot that is really yours, but still in the larger mix of things. 

Private furnished office for 2-8 people. Offices have four walls, natural light, desks, chairs, and an extra table.